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Combo Gift Box

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Give the gift of three of our outstanding homemade products. There is something for everyone! Choose 1 dressing, 1 tomato product and 1 jam.

$28 plus shipping.

Choose 1 of these…

Includes Farmhouse Dressing, Fresh Ginger Dressing, Sweet Raspberry Vinaigrette, Lemon Mustard Dressing, Sweet Garlic Fire, Thai Noodle Sauce, & Spicy Peanut Sauce.

Farmhouse Dressing   This is a wonderful house vinaigrette! It’s fresh flavor is fantastic on salads or when used as a marinade for grilled veggies or meats. 

Fresh Ginger Dressing    This dressing was inspired by Japanese steak house ginger dressing. This is a must try product from our pantry! Use to top salads, in stir fry, or as a delicious dip for grilled meats or veggies. It’s SO good!!!

Sweet Raspberry Vinaigrette    Enjoy this wonderful dressing all year to bring you back to Michigan summer days spent picking fresh raspberries. This dressing is amazing on spring mix or spinach and topped with feta, walnuts, and fresh berries or apples. 

Lemon Mustard Dressing    This dressing is slightly sweet and tangy and makes for a wonderful dressing on fresh salads. 

Sweet Garlic Fire  Use this anywhere you’d use ketchup for a kicked up flavor! Wonderful on burgers and brats, tacos, on eggs, or in shrimp cocktail.

Thai Noodle Sauce  A wonderful addition to any Asian inspired meal you create! Enjoy on rice, stir fry, noodles, or as a dipping sauce for egg rolls. We use this in our cafe along with the Spicy Peanut Sauce to make our famous Kale Slaw & Peanut Noodles. 

Spicy Peanut Sauce   One of our most popular items! Used in our cafe kale slaw and peanut noodles. Use like you would soy sauce. Adds a wonderful kick to most any dish!

Choose 1 of these…

Red Tomato Salsa, Spicy Red Tomato Salsa, Heirloom Green Tomato Salsa, Spicy Heirloom Green Tomato Salsa, or Fresh Basil Marinara.

Red Tomato Salsa   We’ve captured that rich Michigan tomato flavor in a jar! With just a little kick, this salsa is awesome on tacos, burritos, scrambled eggs, or served with tortilla chips.

Spicy Red Tomato Salsa    This spicy salsa is created using Michigan tomatoes, chopped onions and peppers, and spice!!! Enjoy on burritos, tacos, or with chips. 

Heirloom Green Tomato Salsa    Made using our Pond Hill grown green tomatoes. Zesty and full of fresh flavor, this salsa is an amazing addition to tacos, eggs, burritos, or chili.

Spicy Heirloom Green Tomato Salsa   Made using Pond Hill Heirloom green tomatoes and hot peppers, this salsa is a crowd favorite! It’s got a nice kick and a wonderful zesty fresh flavor. Enjoy with tortilla chips, use in layered taco dips, on burritos, or scrambled eggs. 

Fresh Basil Marinara Sauce   This jar is full of that rich Michigan tomato flavor we know and love! We add our fresh basil and garlic and blend for maximum delicousness. Enjoy on pasta, pizza, or as a dip for warm breadsticks. 

Farm Roasted Red Salsa This is our new recipe that carries a smokey flavor from the roasted peppers and corn. This has quickly become a favorite. You can also get in the Cafe on a burrito or with our salsa and chips. Got to try this one!


Choose 1 of these…

Choices are Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Sour Cherry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Peach Strawberry or our famous Hot Garlic Pepper Jelly

Blackberry Jam Crafted using only local blackberries and Michigan sugar. Wonderful on a pb&j or used in thumbprint cookies for the holidays!

Blueberry Jam Crafted using only local blueberries and Michigan sugar. Wonderful on waffles, French toast, pb&j’s or served or baked brie!

Raspberry Jam Crafted using only local raspberries and Michigan sugar. Use on pb&j’s, on toast, or to make raspberry parfaits.

Strawberry Jam Crafted using only local strawberries and Michigan sugar. Amazing for a classic pb&j, in thumbprint cookies for the holidays, or on hot biscuits with butter.

Sour Cherry Jam Crafted using local Michigan Sour Cherries and sugar. Enjoy on toast, biscuits, or pb&j’s.

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam Crafted using fresh Michigan Strawberries & sugar, and Pond Hill rhubarb. This jam is sure to be enjoyed!! Amazing on yogurt, waffles, pork tenderloin & ice cream!

Peach Strawberry Jam What do you get when you mix two of summers freshest flavors? Heavenly Pond Hill Peach Strawberry Jam of course. This is a must try on your Michigan foods list. Use to top hot biscuits with butter, add to smoothies, or enjoy it on a pb&j.

Hot Garlic Pepper Jelly Our wonderful Pepper Jelly is our #1 top seller! It’s a crowd pleaser when poured over cream cheese and served with crackers. It’s flavor is sweet with a slight kick…the perfect balance. Wow your friends when you make the easiest but most delicious appetizer ever! Also wonderful when used as a glaze over pork tenderloin, as a twist on the classic pb&j, or poured over baked brie & served with crostini.